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The O'Malley Coat-of-Arms

O'Malley Coat of Arms
Clare Island Abbey

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The O'Malley Coat of Arms

O'Malley Family History

 John & Martha O'Malley 

 John & Martha Jane Brewer O'Malley-1839 

John & Martha Jane Brewer O'Malley - 1839

 John Thomas & Anna Marie O'Malley 

 Ancestors of Tim, Jr. & Brian O'Malley 

John Thomas & Anna Marie O'Malley

 The O'Malley Family Historical Timeline 

 Based on the Kinship of Timothy J. O'Malley, Sr 


The Life & Times of Max Schikora & Maude Mabel Fox

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The Life & Times of Max Schikora & Maude Mabel Fox Album

This collection is a treasure and includes stories, original photos, documents, and 8mm movie clips that date back to the late 1930's and 1940's.

The picture of the photo album is Max's actual photo album and many of the photos portrayed are from his own collection.

Special thanks to Marie Isabelle Schikora O'Malley (Mom), for her eye-witness accounts as she tells the stories about her Mom & Dad.

Also a very special thanks to Cathy Buss Clark and Wayne Nerger for sharing their research. This is a work in progress and the story continues;

so, if any of you have stories and photos that you would like to contribute, they would be most welcome. Enjoy!

The Life & Times of Lawrence Ellard O'Malley & Marie Isabelle Schikora O'Malley

Lawrence E. O'Malley History Marie Isabelle Schikora O'Malley

These amazing collections includes 8mm movie clips that date back to the 1930s

 Family Gatherings

 Some historic family get-togethers 

The Family Gathering

 The Family Car 

 A look at family automobile history 

The Family Car

 Tim & Sarita O'Malley's Wedding 

 El Paso, Texas October 15,2004 

Tim & Sarita O'Malley's Wedding

 Isabelle O'Malley's 95th Birthday 

 Isabelle's 95th Birthday Celebration, December 25, 2008 

Marie Isabelle Schikora O'Malley turns 95

 Lawrence E. O'Malley 

 Lawrence entered eternal life July 30, 1995 

Lawrence E. O'Malley Memorial

 Marie Isabelle Schikora O'Malley 

 Isabelle entered eternal life February 25, 2011 

In Memory of Marie Isabelle Schikora O'Malley

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